M.Large at Royal Highland show 2014

Well…we’re back from another successful showcase at the Royal Highland Show in Ingleston, Edinburgh.

The good weather meant a steady flow of visitors to the show and there was plenty of interest garnered at the demonstrations.

For us the highlights were the reactions and interest received in the newly improved and branded Scorpion 440 tree shear and the new Palms models with their updated 2 tone livery.

It is also very interesting, essential in fact, for us to hear the real life stories, concerns and wish lists of our customers, and as ever we’ll take it on board in order to provide better service and enhanced ranges of useful time saving equipment.

We are pleased to show a gallery of photos of M.Large’s stands and machines at the Royal Highland Show 2014.

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Ploughing Match_stand_photo1

Ploughing Championships Event:Show info and pictures

We’ve just returned from exhibiting at the famous “Ploughing Match” where we had a busy 3 days talking to and advising a fair share of the quarter of a million show visitors over the 3 days. As usual, we brought down plenty of machines to get up close and personal to and handed out our collective bodyweight in sales literature so it was a great success. We met friendly and interested customers, fielded many questions from the stand visitors and sold stock right off the stand.

The usual tried and tested machines received the expected level of interest by which we are referring to firewood processors and logsplitters from Hakki Pilke, Bilke, Fuelwood, and Thor however a newcomer in Regon also caused quite a stir with their new design of firewood processor shown at the front of our stand area.

So to sum up, a busy, no a very busy couple of days at Stradbally, Laois, but fruitful interesting and as always, worthwhile.

Special thanks to “Elizabeth”…(who will probably never read this) for making our team feel so welcome while staying at the show, your pies and scones are reported to be the stuff of legend.

So until next year then, Ploughing Match…done!

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