Hakki Pilke Expert 37 Service Kit


Keeping a firewood processor working in winter

Why is it we think immediately of the car in the driveway when we think of winter servicing?

For those us who lean on our firewood processing machinery for our livelihoods,  we need to put the same care and attention into them, especially in harsher conditions and cold weather.

To ensure smooth running of your firewood processor in the winter months, make sure you check and replace the following areas.


Chains are simply the difference between a speedy processor and a slogging machine. With renewed cutting surfaces a firewood processor can work faster, more efficiently and cleaner. A dull chain will also heat the bar and damage the temper of the material, causing it the chain to chew through the guides.

Sharpen the chain. You should be able to sharpen a chain around 10 times before needing to replace it. To do this you’ll need a chain grinder like the OREGON CHAIN GRINDER available from M.Large.

When you’ve sharpened the chain to within an inch of it’s life or you’re losing teeth from your chain, it’s time to replace it.

M.Large are stockists of Oregon chains and as we bulk purchase, we are able to offer highly competitive rates for replacement chains to get you cutting smooth and fast again.

Bars/Cutting Bars

Just as the chain does the cutting, the bar, carries the chain and keeps it oiled and lubricated. Make sure it’s doing just that.

Check the guides are not worn, and not discoloured blue, a sure sign of damaged temper from overheating.

Check oil is flowing by checking the hood of the processor. If oil is flowing, there should be some oil spatter on the surface. If not, check the oil level and also that the oil filler hole is not blocked.


V-Belts need to be tight, but not over tight. Check the tension of a belt by pressing it down. The correct tension of a belt should allow 20mm of “play”  when pressed down with moderate force.

Belts should not be slipping usually apparent by a squealing sound, much as in a car’s fan belt. If a belt is squealing it either not tensioned correctly or is showing signs of imminent failure.

Belt replacement is an inexpensive and simple way to ensure your processor is working to it’s optimum ability, thus keeping your business or your home stocked with supplies of firewood.

We highly recommend that those with the very popular Hakki Pilke Expert 37 firewood processor should consider purchasing M.Large’s Expert 37 Winter Service Kit. This specially designed kit comes with all the spares and consumable parts you’ll need to keep an Expert 37 firewood processor in top working order.

You can find more details about the kit contents and pricing in our machinery section.



M.Large are now providing Lipa TLBE excavator flail mower heads.

These excavator attachments for mini diggers are designed for cutting, shredding and crushing grass and canes up to 3cm. The TLBE 70 and 90 model heads come with either 700mm or 900mm rotors and either 7 or 8 flail heads respectively.

Use with excavator tilting functions to reach inaccessible areas such as steep banks, near waterways or ditches.

The LIPA TLBE meets the needs of grounds maintenance and agricultural contractors and also presents an excellent investment opportunity for equipment hire specialists.

For more information, videos and downloads visit the machinery section of our website or to speak to one of our sales team ring on +442890 342838.



Depending on your generation  that headline will bring back memories of “Rawhide” or “Limp Bizkit” …but what we’re getting at is that we think it’s a necessity for any serious firewood processing business to rapidly feed timber without manual handling.

That’s the job of a log deck …essentially it feeds logs into the processor on hydraulic rollers, ensuring there is a plentiful supply of timber being fed for cutting and splitting.

Hakkifeed log decks from Hakki Pilke offer best of breed log feeding for PTO and electric combi log splitters. With hydraulic infeed pinch rollers, adjustable legs and mechanical separators they will make an elegant solution to feeding timber to your firewood processor. It’ll be one of those purchases you wondered how you did without!

See a Hakki Feed log deck in action with an Easy 50 processor in the video below.

For more information on Hakkifeed log decks call M.Large on +442890 342838 or email the sales team on

New Product:LMS Firewood Log Bagger


The LMS firewood log bagger is a simple solution to a big problem.

In the firewood industry, filling net bags with logs is process full of snags…literally!

The LMS Log bagger has a log tray area which you fill with logs. Once filled, simply pull a net bag over the top of the filled tray and tilt up. The bag is then filled with a load of logs.

Available with 270mm (red model) and 240mm (blue model) trays.

Simple effective and now, highly popular.



Watch our youtube to see a demonstration of the LMS Logbagger in action.

Call our sales team on +442890342838 or email to find out more.