M.Large help with Giro D'Italia 2014 preparations

Anyone visiting our little corner of the world recently will have found it hard to miss the fun manner with which towns, businesses and tourist attractions have been welcoming the Giro D’Italia event …… painting the province pink!

By now you’ll have seen pink sheep, pink horses, pink tractors, pink bicycles, themed pink cocktails, pink benches, and even pink-ified sculptures….cue M.Large.



















We were tasked by Newtownabbey Borough Council to give an event friendly look to the Whiteabbey roundabout Spiked sculpture…by painting it pink!

Since the work had to be carried out with no disturbance to traffic flow at such a busy location, the job could only be carried out with specialist equipment, which made our 4WD self propelled access platform the perfect tool for the job…(ok we might have needed a paintbrush or 2 and a few buckets of elbow grease as well.)

The Manitou was driven onto the roundabout which is in full bloom with a ring of daffodils so in consultation with Newtownabbey Borough Council, we deployed grass guards and outriggers to minimise ground impact…you’d hardly know we’d been there!

Whiteabbey Spike Sculpture gets painted pink for Giro D'Italia 2014 by M.Large

The main sculpture was painted a fetching shade of pink with the surrounding low wall getting a contrasting white coat. The job even featured in local media and on Twitter.

Whiteabbey Spike Sculpture Painted Pink for Giro D'Italia 2014

(pic from twitter @newsmantone )

This is just one of the fun and exciting examples of pink fever in honour of this prestigious cycling event performed on a global platform. Like it or not, the repainted Whiteabbey sculpture certainly shows the fun side of the area and the council and we’re proud to have played our part.


tree in storm on

When the wind blows, trees have a habit of suffering the worst of it. With their low centre of gravity and flexing structures, strong wind gusts can push a tree over with ease, and where it lands can suffer damage, disruption, chaos, and of course injury.

M.Large are able to assist in a number of ways.


Tree Survey by M.Large








Ensure your trees or those near areas of concern are stable, safe and disease free. Get specialist advice. Our resident arboricultural team can advise on the health, position and most important, risk relating to trees prior to unforeseen weather or environmental circumstances causing them to topple. If in any doubt, lift the phone, call +442890342838 and get some peace of mind.








When the unfortunate happens, it can be a very distressing time. Fallen trees can block traffic routes, access paths and driveways and even hamper access to business and domestic premises. The good news is that dealing with it usually means only a few short hours of disruption as our tree surgeons and tree works staff begin the removal process. We’ve done it many times, in fact, there’s few out there with the level of experience we have built up here at M.Large…so don’t panic, because we know well that the only words you’ll want to hear at a time like this are:

“yes, it happens, and of course it’s fixable…”










Technically a core part of our tree work involves the use of all sorts of specific and highly capable machines. It is comforting then to know that M.Large have our own in house crane hire division which includes a 27m HIAB knuckle crane capable of lifting even the biggest of trees in the event of them falling or damaging property.

The HIAB’s are unique in that  they operate like a normal fixed boom to extend up, but they can also extend out without rising to gain access over buildings, structures or obstacles but without the need to elevate high…including operating inside and even reaching into buildings or warehouses!

Crane Hire





M.Large’s crane hire comes with highly skilled operators on hand to advise and deal with fallen tree problems should they arise.

The cleaning up from the harsh weather has begun, for those who need us, we’re here, for those who remained largely unaffected, the next time the elements bite,



Hakki Pilke Expert 37 Service Kit


Keeping a firewood processor working in winter

Why is it we think immediately of the car in the driveway when we think of winter servicing?

For those us who lean on our firewood processing machinery for our livelihoods,  we need to put the same care and attention into them, especially in harsher conditions and cold weather.

To ensure smooth running of your firewood processor in the winter months, make sure you check and replace the following areas.


Chains are simply the difference between a speedy processor and a slogging machine. With renewed cutting surfaces a firewood processor can work faster, more efficiently and cleaner. A dull chain will also heat the bar and damage the temper of the material, causing it the chain to chew through the guides.

Sharpen the chain. You should be able to sharpen a chain around 10 times before needing to replace it. To do this you’ll need a chain grinder like the OREGON CHAIN GRINDER available from M.Large.

When you’ve sharpened the chain to within an inch of it’s life or you’re losing teeth from your chain, it’s time to replace it.

M.Large are stockists of Oregon chains and as we bulk purchase, we are able to offer highly competitive rates for replacement chains to get you cutting smooth and fast again.

Bars/Cutting Bars

Just as the chain does the cutting, the bar, carries the chain and keeps it oiled and lubricated. Make sure it’s doing just that.

Check the guides are not worn, and not discoloured blue, a sure sign of damaged temper from overheating.

Check oil is flowing by checking the hood of the processor. If oil is flowing, there should be some oil spatter on the surface. If not, check the oil level and also that the oil filler hole is not blocked.


V-Belts need to be tight, but not over tight. Check the tension of a belt by pressing it down. The correct tension of a belt should allow 20mm of “play”  when pressed down with moderate force.

Belts should not be slipping usually apparent by a squealing sound, much as in a car’s fan belt. If a belt is squealing it either not tensioned correctly or is showing signs of imminent failure.

Belt replacement is an inexpensive and simple way to ensure your processor is working to it’s optimum ability, thus keeping your business or your home stocked with supplies of firewood.

We highly recommend that those with the very popular Hakki Pilke Expert 37 firewood processor should consider purchasing M.Large’s Expert 37 Winter Service Kit. This specially designed kit comes with all the spares and consumable parts you’ll need to keep an Expert 37 firewood processor in top working order.

You can find more details about the kit contents and pricing in our machinery section.


XXL-Forestry Journal article on M.Large

We were pleased to feature in Forestry Journal following having spent a day showcasing  and giving them the grand tour of our operation.

The article covered a little about our history, the progression and development of the company and featured some of the LMS design machinery, like the LMS Scorpion 440 tree shear and the LMS Woodbuster 870  (youtube’s are here)

We’ll say no more…and let Ann Berry from Forestry Journal do the talking instead. Many thanks for your time and effort and for showcasing us in your article -XXL.

M.Large featured in Forestry Journal December 2013 edition



Click on the article to download and read it in it’s entirety.

If you have any queries or questions or just wish to get in contact, please feel free to ring the sales line on +442890342838 or use our online contact form.