We at M.Large have established ourselves as a household name in the tree work and forestry sector. With over 40 years experience our name is known and our influence is strong yet there had never been a cohesive and recognisable brand in use within the company.

In December our marketing team began working on ideas for the development of a core brand to reflect the activities and vision of the company.

We are delighted to announce and showcase it here.

The brand mark or insignia represents our experience and expertise in tree work with the top segments representing cut wood from our later developed machinery division. The choice of red ties in both our use of the colour historically and the passion and dynamism the entire team at M Large have for the world of wood. Further variations have been established for LMS Design, our forestry equipment manufacturing division and M.Large Property.

To maintain consistency across our advertising, publicity materials and online publications we developed a series of brand usage guidelines.

Tim Wilson, Marketing Manager for M.Large said, “It’s important that we avoid shortcuts and variations in representing what is essentially an extension of the M.Large name and reputation. M. Large is well established, trusted and highly regarded, so any associated brand needs to both reinforce and remain entirely in keeping with that reputation.”

Our customers can expect to see a lot more of this logo whether on our advertisments, vehicles, packaging and on the web.

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