One of the factors in us having such a good show¬† was the available supplies of timber we had to demo with. However our timber didn’t just grow on trees…er well sure yes it did but it also needed felled, forwarded and craned to where we needed it. And a great help in that was the kind loan of an M.Large customer (and good friend)’s entirely unique and bespoke converted dumper now fitted out¬† as a forwarding vehicle complete with Palms 470 crane by the owner Sean Hoskins,

The dumper has the bucket removed and a series of loader bars on a frame added at the front. It features fold down legs which help to stabilise it when it’s at work and last but not least, has a fully fitted Palms 470 crane.


Sean’s forwarder beside the log deck of the Hakki Pilke 42 processor we were demonstrating.


The forwarder with the fold down legs extended and logs in loading area.


Close up of the Palms 470 crane on the forwarder -in front of the Palms flag too no less …you’d nearly think that was deliberate 😉

We think this is a quite a unique take on the forwarding trailer idea and can testify from experience using it that it’s a highly effective, time saving serious bit of forestry kit. And if the tools are only as good as the man using them…well judging by the tool, we’d suggest Sean’s probably a very good man to know.

Oh and it was nice to see a bit of chat about it on Arbtalk forums too.

If anyone wants to get in contact with Sean, they can call or email our office on +442890342838 or and we’ll happily put you in touch.

Sean, thanks again friend, see you very soon.

Team @ M.Large


The team at M.Large set out for Stradbally, Laois for the Irish Forestry Woodland & Bio Energy show 2013.

Arriving a day before the show, the boys were directed to our designated show space in the Woodland area.

On first look, it took a little imagination to visualise the setting but a days hard grafting with our own team and the helpful Clarke Cunningham lads, made our rough n ready corner site into something of a Disneyland for forestry fans.

The show was a big deal for us and a lot of preparation went into making a good show for our visitors.

So for those who didn’t get to the event, here’s what we were showing.


  • Hakki Pilke 38 & 42 Firewood Processors and HakkiFeed feeding table rig
  • Hakki Pilke 42 12 way knife accessory
  • Hakki Pilke OH27 TCT Circular Saw processor
  • Hakki Pilke Expert 37 processor
  • Hakki Pilke Eagle TCT Circular Saw Entry level PTO processor
  • Bilke S3 PTO guillotine processor
  • Fuelwood Kindling machines (Splitta & Kindlet models)
  • Thor logsplitters
  • Atika 4 & 5 ton logsplitters
  • LMS Logbaggers

Static Displays

  • LMS Design Scorpion Tree Shears (Scorpion 220 & 440 models)
  • Palms 680 crane on Palms 101 trailer
  • Palms 470 crane mounted on converted dumper (courtesy of Sean Hoskin‚Äôs forestry)
  • Atmos DC32 Log Gasification boiler
  • Akvaterm Accumulator Heat Store
  • Palms, Intermercato & Baltrotor Grapples and rotators
  • LMS Design Grapple Adapters ‚Äì Pallet Tine timber grapple adapter
  • Farmi Winches (JL61)
  • Greenmech 150 Arborist woodchipper

All in all we were very pleased with the footfall, the atmosphere and the interest shown in our site and our machines and we were even more pleased to get word from the Show Director that we had been awarded “Best Commercial Stand” at the end of the event.

We put a selection of photos up of the stand and how everything looked up on the blog.

Click on the image below to see more show photos.



The LMS Woodbuster 870 is designed to pre-cleave oversized timber prior to processing, cutting or stacking.

The Woodbusters main features are

  • 870mm Jaw Opening
  • Unique ‚ÄúNo Stick‚Äù sweeper arm to dislodge timbers
  • 26 ton Hydraulic Splitting force
  • Full Hardox construction
  • Attachment options: Excavator, telehandler, timber crane

See the woodbuster in action.

For more information on ordering or specs, call the office on +442890342838 or email


The unsung heroes of the forester’s armoury, skidding winches are work hungry machines that will make light work of skidding heavy timbers from forestry sites for processing.

The Farmi Forest JL50 is a classic example. With PTO drive and 5 tonne pulling power to the choker chains and 80m of cable the JL50 winch will get your raw timber supplies out and onto your processor in an efficient no fuss manner.

Some of the keypoints of the Farmi JL50:

  • 5 tonne pulling weight
  • 80m high tensile cable
  • With 50¬†kN line pull for tractors from 50 HP
  • Automatic overrun brake ‚Äì easy cable handling
  • Good spooling -long distance from upper pulley to drum
  • Wide, robust and well shaped butt plate
  • Electrohydraulic/remote control available as retrofit
  • Lower pulley as standard

Watch a video of Farmi 501 (JL50 predecessor) at work below.

For more details of the JL50 and current offers available on all Farmi winches call M.Large on +442890342838 or email your enquiry to

Photos from the M.Large stand at Irish Forestry Woodland and BioEnergy show, Stradbally, Co.Laois, Ireland 10th & 11th May 2013.

Also includes team photo winning Best Commercial Stand at the event

Join MLarge for a beer at Stradbally Irish Forestry Show 2013


***Free beer at Stradbally forestry show***Free beer at Stradbally forestry show ***Free beer at Stradbally forestry show

We would like to invite all our customers, contacts and suppliers visiting the Irish Forestry Show in Strabally Estate, Ireland  to join the M.Large team at Woodland Area C for a cold beer.

We thought it the perfect way to get to know the faces behind the phone calls and get talking about machines with like minded friends.

All we ask is that anyone wanting in on the “round” sends an email with the subject.

“Make mine a Large one!”

Just so we know how many are interested and to make sure we have enough to keep you all refreshed at the show next weekend.

So remember it’s Woodland area C, on the demo route. See the site map below.

Site Map for 2013 Irish Forestry Woodland & Bio Energy Show

See official flyer and site map here.


World of Wood: The Future of Forest Services – Joint letter to the Secretary of State

A letter signed by organisations including CONFOR, the Woodland Trust and Our Forests was posted in April in the Daily Telegraph calling on DEFRA’s Secretary of State Owen Paterson to ensure the future of the Forestry Commission’s regulatory and advisory arm, Forest Services, as a separate organisation to take forward the challenges of protecting, improving and expanding England’s woods into the future.

Read the article and the minister’s response in full on Woodland Matters blog by the Woodland Trust.