One thing you should know by now is that we at M.Large take shows very SERIOUSLY.

It’s a superb opportunity to get the very best in forestry and woodfuel equipment setup in one place for visitors to see in action and meet the faces behind the phone calls and meet some new oness into the bargain.

It’ll be busy, noisy and buzzing…and that’s just how we like it.

As a sneak preview the M.Large stand (labelled on the official sitemap no less!) will be featuring live demonstrations and static displays of:

  • Fuelwood Kindlet Kindling Machine
  • Bilke Firewood Guillotine
  • The new LMS “Scorpion” 220 tree shear

Plus Hakki Pilke firewood processors, Palms forestry trailers, Greenmech chippers and much much more.

So if you are attending the show, come grab a cold beer (or soft drink if you prefer) and say hi.

We’ll be at Woodland Area C, marked on the map.

More information available on Irish Forestry & Woodland Show Website.



For some time now M.Large have been at the forefront of both promoting and developing the very best in forestry machinery from some of the best (if not the most well known) names in the business.

One such is the mighty Palms and their forwarding trailers and cranes.

Make no mistake, these machines mean business and are easily one of the best value trailer and crane combinations available on the market.

One innovative development is the unique drive power capability on some of the more sophisticated models to add extra grunt and grip.

Palms have developed a simple but highly effective additional drive system to power the wheels of forwarding trailers using a unique tyre pattern with additional drive grooves.

When the trailer is in motion and the assisted drive is enabled, the hyraulic drive unit engages with the wheel pattern to create on demand 4WD.

This keeps the costs significantly lower than other options where the wheels are permanently powered.

The Palms assisted drive delivers power only when and where it’s needed, simple, tough and effective.

For more details on the entire Palms range of Forestry Trailers and Cranes, or the entire range of forestry and wood fuel equipment from M.Large call on +44 2890 342838 or

– See more at:


Are we hearing you?

We received a pleasant and courteous testimonial from customer this morning. I want to be clear on where I’m going with this…it’s not unusual for us to receive smiles, handshakes and appreciative comments for the end to end service we provide to the forestry and firewood industries. That said, I felt it an opportune moment to let our customers, contacts and suppliers know what feedback means to us.

There is an old saying, “it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for…!”

This is never truer than in customer service and quality management, because it’s the quiet whispers of discontent that will ruin even the most well-established of businesses, and only those being vocal in their requests can expect speedy support and resolution.

On a daily basis here at M.Large we deal with complicated hard working machinery, both selling quality tools we’ve had employed in our own premises before distributing to a wider audience, and also in the essential aftercare side of things.

The testimonial we received (we won’t embarrass the sender by naming him or quoting verbatim) concerned a requirement for advice on a minor fault that was resolved through the replacement of a wear and tear consumable part.

Once the customer contacted us the “friendly advisor” in question spent the time on the phone to ascertain the issue, and used our experience to pinpoint the issue and resolve rapidly. This speedy resolution is what the customer hung his comments around, to the point that he took time out of his day to pen his thoughts.

To me that seals the deal, for a customer to sacrifice personal or business time to send praise to a supplier, means that we’re definitely on his Christmas card list now!

So it becomes apparent then how feedback works. Whether positive or negative, we want to hear from you. If you’re happy with the service and advice you receive from M.Large, tell us. If you have a problem, get in touch as soon as you can and we’ll do everything we can to identify the cause of the issue and where possible resolve in a timely and mutually agreeable manner.

We grow with your valued support, we hear what you say, and we learn something from every situation.

So with that in mind, are we hearing you?….loud and clear!


Marketing Manager


We’re delighted with the free advertising M.Large are getting from Royal Mail these days….it all helps!




We’ve just received the up to date flyer for the Irish Forestry Woodland and Bio Energy Show, Stradbally Hall, Co.Laois, Ireland so we just wanted to post it up and also let you know that we’ll be exhibiting at the event in the C site Woodland areas.


If you have any pre-show queries or questions please get in touch on +442890342838 or email us on

Hope to see you there.

News: Heating oil in Northern Ireland ‘up by 60% in three years’

In recent BBC News article it was reported that the cost of home heating oil (in Northern Ireland) has risen by 60% in the last three years.

The article taken from a recent report by the consumer council is calling for the executive to take action and help families struggling to make ends meet.

The council’s Antoinette McKeown said in the report that “Home heating oil has risen 60% in the last three years and 68% of homes in Northern Ireland are reliant on it …That’s why we (in Northern Ireland) have the highest energy bills in the United Kingdom”

In some areas, heating oil is even being purchased in small drums aimed at emergency use as bulk buying is not an option for some due to the spiraling cost.

A filling station in west Belfast is selling home heating oil at the pump.

One customer told the BBC he could not afford to bulk buy oil, so bought it by the drum instead.

“We have to live off drums, we cannot get a bulk buy because it is just so dear,” he said.

“So you are constantly having to run and get drums. One drum of heating oil will get you maybe three days of heating out of it – at ¬£15 for 20 litres that is pretty dear.

Here at M.Large we both sympathise and empathise with what these people are experiencing and while we cannot offer them a quick fix alternative, we are in a position to change behaviour and influence this dependency on oil fuel.

For decades we have been actively involved in promoting all aspects of woodfuel burning by marketing machines to process and split raw wood to firewood and wood boilers to burn it as a fuel for heating. We continue to promote and advertise our wood fired heating products as we are passionate that wood is an economical and affordable heating fuel and the results gained by our customers speak for themselves.

Landlords should also take heed of the costs of oil heating when re-developing and consider the economies achievable by their tenants through an installed wood fired heating as a key selling feature and sure fire way to ensure a stream of regular tenancy.

Wood fired heating systems plus a range of firewood processors and forestry equipment are available from the sales team at M.Large on sales@mlarge or by calling +442890342838.

Full BBC Article here.