M.Large will be open as normal on Fri 29th and on Saturday 30th March for machine demonstrations and yard sales of firewood, bark/mulch etc. The office will be closed on Mon 1st and Tues  2nd April respectively and will reopen on Wed 3rd April.

All parts ordered by Thurs 28th March will be shipped in advance of Easter and due to postal holidays will not arrive until earliest Tues 2nd April.

Any parts ordered after 28th March will not be dispatched until Tues 2nd April.

For all enquiries ring the sales office on +442890342838 or email sales@mlarge.com



Here at M.Large in Northern Ireland we’ve been experiencing heavy snowfall and winds of up to 50mph . These extreme conditions have brought down multiple power lines in our home county of Antrim and in Co.Down. Heavy snow fall and fallen trees have also caused the closure of nearly 70 schools throughout the province. 

Such high winds will take their toll on mature and over mature trees first as they are the tallest, the most likely to bear the majority of the force, and in some cases, the weakest due to old wounds or previous crown failures. This is exacerbated if the wind is accompanied by heavy rains or snow melt which softens up the soil around the roots leading to trees being uprooted and falling on power lines resulting in blackouts and other problems.

In addition, heavy snowfalls collecting on tree limbs can be compacted to become heavy “ice mulch”

This condition will only bend more pliable species and their branches, but can cause load bearing fractures in more rigid limbs and tree varieties.



Any trees suffering like this as a result of the current adverse weather conditions will need to be assessed, surveyed and in some cases reduced or removed.

M.Large Tree Services have been providing expert advice through our qualified and accredited arboriculturist team for over 30 years and are well placed to assist in the case of such events. We can assess damage, identify associated safety risks, recommend a course of action including where feasible, treatment of snow damage to save the tree.  

Talk to our arboriculture team on +442890342838 or email sales@mlarge.com to find out how we can help you care for and manage your trees.



We at M.Large have been strong advocates for the case for wood gasifiers as a heating supply. Click on the link to see a site all about using gasifiers to power vehicles. Should be fun!

Drive on wood!


M.Large have worked with guillotine processors for over 20 years and for almost the last 10 of those, have represented Bilke from Finland, here in the UK and Ireland. The Bilke S3 is no frills but highly capable machine particularly suited to a number of jobs.

In recent years, the supply of bulky timber is dwindling and the firewood industry is now looking to other sources of wood that may have previously been disregarded. Plantation thinnings, light grade timber poles and waste wood are all viable and accessible sources of firewood and those with the foresight to use them will get the job done in a fraction of the time using a Bilke S3 processor.

 The Bilke features a rotary blade system that cuts and roughly splits wood sections in seconds aiding in the wood drying process and contributing to a high volume output of up to 30m3 per hour.

The long infeed conveyor means no additional log deck or support is needed but that the machine can be fed directly as seen in the inset images.

The wide fast outfeed conveyor system collects and carries the processed wood away efficiently into woodpiles, trailers for storing or packing as needed.

Cost effective and now  rising in popularity, the Bilke S3 is the perfect processor for those working with slim pickings.

Call M.Large on +442890342838 or email your enquiry to sales@mlarge.com or use the contact form on our website